Style Night with Broke Mommas

The Broke Mommas hit the shops last night; we went to a style night in town and painted the town red, or rather out ourselves into the red! We’re not quite at the sell the house stage yet but after going to Lily’s Style Night last night we may need to learn to love beans on toast, it’s ok, the toddlers love those dinners, we’re the ones with the fancy taste!

Lily‘s Style Night had a bit of everything, from the moment we got in the door we were mesmerised by the sparkles, the bubbles, the shopping! The night started out with some window shopping, browsing if you will, while sipping on a cool glass of Prosecco. Basically my kind of night out! I couldn’t stop meandering around the store, trying everything on and checking myself out in the mirror! There was so many things I wanted/needed, I had to have a crash course in self control. I’m not sure I’ve mastered it yet, I’m not sure to be honest I want to master it, not if it means giving up nights like these.

Once we were seated (and the goodie bags were hidden into my over sized suitcase handbag in case they were repossessed) the night was kicked off with a stunning display of clothes from Guna Deas and the in house models from Lily’s. I want all the Guna Deas clothes!!! It’s ok I bought some stunning pieces and I’ll flash them later on! We were treated to a talk about nutrition from Honor Garaghty of Lets Talk Nutrition. Honor reminded us all of the things we should and need to be doing to take better care of ourselves from the inside out. I swear I’ll do better! Ish. Please don’t tell Honor I had ice cream today instead of avacado! We got loads of styling tips from Niamh at Simply Styling, didyou know we should be clearing out the wardrobe every six months??? I have a lot of catching up to do…there’s clothes in there I haven’t worn in YEARS!! Sorry Niamh, it’s on my to do list. We were advised to try to keep to a few simple rules, a basic piece like your black pants or skirt, your statement like a bright top, florals etc, the jacket and of course the accessories!! So I tried that out today, my skinny jeans (my basic every day) a really bright cerise top and my new (from Lily’s) pearls! Oh and my leather jacket! I rocked it. If I do say so myself!

Pearls from my goodie bag! 
We were treated to more styles from Guna Deas, Race Day outfits, something to fill us with racing envy! I never manage to rock the glamourous look but I’ll try harder this year hitting up Galway with the other Broke Momma! No stylish ladies are complete without really good skincare so of course we had a chat with Lazerderm where we had chance to try out some samples and guess who had some in the goodie bags?? Yep I’ll be indulging in those over the next few days! We learnt a lot about SPF and I think it really hit home that I need to be a lot more careful unless I want to age disgracefully, hang on I’m already doing that! I had so much fun chatting to Margaret from hates by Margaret, I’ve always thought I just couldn’t do hats but she has me convinced I’m just picking out the wrong hats and there’s a hat out there for everyone, I may need to look harder or find a personal shopper!

It’s time to face the music, time to admit to my shopping and show off what I bought! First up I popped into Guna Deas before the event to look for a top to go with a skirt I’d bought over Christmas. The lovely Marie of Guna Deas fame remembered the skirt and had the PERFECT top! It’s a lovely cream with a detailed lace neck and I love it on. I feel pretty and girly!

Skirt and top from Guna Deas, bag from Lily’s
The gold bag I bought in Lily’s during the event to match the look, all I need now is a bangle and I’m sure Lily’s will have something that I fall in love with! Oh and did I mention that the bag will match my second Guna Deas purchase? I couldn’t help myself, I’ve been admiring this particular dress and style for weeks and I finally plucked up the courage to try it on. It’s more fitted than I’d normally be brave enough to try but I’m so glad I did! I’m in love. And possibly best of all, I know I can trust Marie’s judgement when trying things on! Just like I can trust the girls in Lily’s!

Dress from Guna Deas, Bag from Lily’s
See, isn’t the bag perfect? There were so so many bags I loved in Lily’s but I couldn’t keep my eyes off this one, it was modeled on the night and I was cheeky enough to go in search of it, quick enough to do it before Cat did I should add!

Close up of my favourite bag
The whole night was amazing, we learnt so much, tried on so many pretty sparkly things and drooled over everything! We were spoilt with choice!

blog haul
My little haul 
**** Disclaimer, we weren’t invited as bloggers to this event, sure the blog is too new for anyone to really know us yet, we went because it was a local event and featured shops we both adore! And there was bubbles on arrival!

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