Tenacious Toddlers & Broken Bones


Two weeks ago, I broke my wrist. Long story short, one minute I was standing, the next I wasn’t. I had been away at a work conference, so had already been missing my baba for 3 days. A trip to the emergency room ensued, followed by surgery 12 hours later. Now, I’m in a temporary cast, awaiting the proper plaster cast tomorrow, and daily life has become considerably more difficult!

Things I’ve learned you can’t do when you’re wrist is in a cast:

  • lift your toddler
  • play ‘row, row, row your boat’ with your toddler
  • change nappies
  • change toddler clothes
  • put on pants without great difficulty
  • tie up your hair
  • open a jar
  • butter bread without great difficulty
  • drive
  • cut up food
  • bring toddler to and collect from the childminder

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and of course there are some pros, like:

  • not having to put the toddler to bed
  • not having to change stinky nappies
  • can’t cook anything too complicated
  • can’t do the washing up
  • get to be chauffeured everywhere – thanks Helen 😉

I do miss being able to hold my little boy though, unless he is snuggled beside me on the couch. That’s if he hasn’t decided to use my cast as a platform to sit on, of course! My other half has just started a new job too, so it’s been a bit of a disaster this week trying to get the little man to and from his childminder. Instead of going from 8am-5pm, he is there 7am-6pm until dad gets home. It’s been super stressful on his dad while he tries to get used to the new role while also being conscious of getting home on time. I keep telling myself – it’s not permanent!

So a word of advice – the next time you’re standing, don’t fall!

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